Margit Hartnagel

Empty Square, 2018



Margit Hartnagel
(born 1970 in Ravensburg, Germany)

Empty Square-1, 2018, for the art in print series women II

Screen print in six colours, printed on BFK Rives Bütten paper 300 g by Ekkeland Götze, Münich

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP + 1 PP

Signed, dated, numbered and titled by the artist

50 x 40 cm

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Margit Hartnagel

1970 // born in Ravensburg – lives and works in Wangen im Allgäu/Bavaria

1995–2000 // Degree course in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

1998–2001 // Degree course in Experimental Design and Spatial Art, University of Applied Arts

2000–present // Exhibitions in Austria and abroad

2000 //Meisterschulpreis

2004 // Award from the City of Friedrichshafen

“From the edge inwards, the empty middle defines
delicate transitions into nothingness and into the light,
grounded in the square – yellow-orange-magenta
in the middle of the middle – silence, peace, self”

Margit Hartnagel, 2018

About the artist

“Abstract composition remains the theme. It is what it is. Nothing concrete, no shape, no story, yet the painting signifies for the artist the search for what cannot be reduced any further. At the start of the image formation process, the focus is on the empty canvas and taking a contemplative approach. “Like a child that paints the sky and the ground first,” according to Hartnagel. according to Hartnagel.

…On the edges of what is perceptible, the artist creates an emotional space from any empty space, a ‘state of accurate blurriness’, and uses her works to touch on questions of being and womanhood, feminist in the best sense of the word.”

From the Vorarlberger Nachrichten, ag

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