About art in print

Nandita Reisinger-Chowdhury, Ex-Banker and consultant

born 1960 in Mumbai, India, lives in Vienna

M.A. in Economics from the Vienna University of Busines and Economics
Post Graduate Diploma in International Economics from the Institute of Advanced Studies, Vienna
Diploma in Art & Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London 

Having spent 20 years in the financial sector working in different managerial functions I set up as an independent consultant in 2013. My interest in art led me to undertake a diploma course in Art & Business at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London in 2015. I now work on projects and events in the arts field.

Contact: nandita.reisinger@artinprint.at

Elisabeth Kreuzhuber MBA, Gallerist, Curator and Consultant
born 1965 in Brussels, lives in Krems/Austria 

M.A. in History from the University of Vienna
Professional MBA in Marketing & Sales, WU Executive Academy
Art dealer since 1989

After many years in renowned Austrian auction houses I set up my own art business in 2000 and ran my own gallery in Vienna until 2008.  Since 2008 I am responsible for curating the the Art Room Würth Austria, which is the Austrian arm of the Würth Collection. artroom.wuerth.at

Kontakt: elisabeth.kreuzhuber@artinprint.at

Our Philosophy

We believe that original prints are worthwhile collectibles. Unfortunately, collecting original prints has unjustifiably been somewhat forgotten in Austria. Almost all of the great artists also created magnificent original prints. The creation and collection of original prints has been a tradition for many centuries. Pursuing original prints offers a real cosmos of knowledge and joy. The fact that original prints can be reproduced in limited editions through the printing process gives many people the opportunity to purchase high-quality art.

We both love art, collecting art and entrepreneurship, so it made sense to put our extensive experience to use in a joint enterprise. We had the idea of setting up a publishing house for original prints on a winter’s day during a joint skiing holiday. After a year of intensive preparation, we started art in print in early 2018.

With art in print, we want to continue the great tradition of Austrian original prints. Above all, we want to make collecting original prints appealing again. You could describe original prints as the democratic sister of painting. Because one can print a number of prints in an edition, the prices for original prints considerably lower, meaning high-quality art can be made accessible to a larger group of people. There are generally no one-of-a-kinds on the market for original prints, but there are limited editions. This means that buying original prints makes it possible to buy good art at an affordable price. Yet every print is an original in itself, as no two are the same in every detail.

Our Collaborators

art in print collaborates with very special advisors and suppliers:

Corporate Design, Illustration, Graphic design: Katharina Gattermann
Web design: connected-concepts by barbara baumgart
art in print Folders: Juriatti Buchbinderei
Frames: Halbe Rahmen
Look for us at: Vienna Art Book Fair
Raum für Kultur auf Zeit: Veranstaltungsraum Salmgasse

Mathias Baumgart
art in print

Website support:
kreativhuhn online marketing


2 years art in print

To celebrate our second birthday, we gave ourselves the gift of a video by Eva Hradil.
Viennese artist Eva Hradil put together a cinematic profile of our passion project art in print.

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