Hannah Stippl

„root in unstable ground“, 2022
Hannah Stippl, „root in unstable ground“, Radierung in 4 Farben, 2022

Hannah Stippl
(Born 1968 in Vienna, Austria)

„root in unstable ground“, 2022 for art in print

Etching in 4 colours, printed on Hahnemühle Alt Worms, matt white 350g

Printed by Tom Phelan, Blackspot Press, Vienna

Edition of 15  + 3 AP + 2 EP + 1 PP

Signed, numbered and titled by the artist

Size: 50 x 70 cm

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Hannah Stippl

Hannah Stippl

Hannah Stippl is an Austrian artist, curator and landscape theorist. She is known for her landscapes, that playfully balance ornamental elements with art. 

Hannah Stippl was born in Vienna, and studied Philosophy, Art History and Painting at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She finished her studies in 2011 with a doctorate in landscape theory. Her dissertation gives the first comprehensive overview of Lucius Burckhardt’s landscape theoretical aquarels. She taught landscape art and design at the University of Applied Art in Vienna from 2005 to 2017. Her theoretical interest and occupation with the historic-cultural and ecological aspect of plants, gardens and landscapes have a strong influence on her artistic work.

Hannah Stippl has curated numerous exhibitions and runs the gallery space puuul in Vienna. She lives and works in Vienna, her Studio in Elsbach in Lower Austria, and Aguilas, Spain.


„During the last years I have concentrated on the study of structures such as thickets, embankments and wooded slopes. Each project consists of a series of works on paper and canvas that had their own inspiration. My work is created layer by layer, and as I work simultaneously on many at the same time, this can take years. New works start unplanned: a few colour fields, designs and overlapping colours. My compositions are built up layer by layer with overlapping colour fields, aided by stencils and historical paint rollers that I have collected over the last twenty years. As times goes by the layers begin to meld and a certain feeling begins to emerge. It is important to me that all random and unfitting elements remain visible. Stains, grafitti-like fragments, lines that have been drawn mistakenly and remains should all be seen.  Text and designs are based on repetitions, as in magical spells. I combine research on areas such as mythology, feminism or ecology with individualism, emotion and beauty in my work. All these structures evoke natural landscapes with multiple meanings that are familiar and strange and the same time.

During my whole career I have combined my love of design with my interest for plants and landscape. This is what influences my work in my studio, in my garden, and in my horticultural installations. I am radical in the original meaning of the word radicalis, which means rooted or connected to the earth, on the same level as plants. Radicalism in my case is a form of connection to the earth and I imagine my work growing and developing over time, and manifesting itself very slowly.“

– Hannah Stippl

Druckgrafik „root in unstable ground“, 2022, Hannah Stippl

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