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Original prints are the ideal way to get started with collecting art. Small series. Great art. A new work of art every month. art in print is a new online publishing house for handprinted original prints by established contemporary artists from Austria and beyond. Our series are produced in the best printing workshops in Austria by master artisans. Every year, you can look forward to two exquisite and carefully curated collections in strictly limited editions of 33 works of art. We love discovering art and engaging with artists. With our finger on the pulse, we find inspiration for the next artworks in studios and workshops. art in print makes it easy to access art. And at an affordable price. Do you also think that good art need not be expensive?

Edition Small is Beautiful –
die neuen Werke sind da!!!!

Babsi Daum und Gabriele Schöne für Small is Beautiful.

Ab Dezember 2020 sind in loser Folge handgedruckte Originalgrafiken von zeitgenössischen Künstlerinnen im handlichen Format 21 x 21 cm erschienen. Die Grafiken werden von den Künstlerinnen speziell für art in print entwickelt und sind handgedruckt. Nun gibt es schon 6 kleine handliche Schmuckstücke für die Wand.

Einzelpreis 120 Euro (inkl. 20 % MwSt.)

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The women III series

The women III series provides a temporary conclusion to our “women” trilogy. With the three series women I, II and III, we showcase 18 exceptional contemporary artists who have a connection with Vienna, having either studied, worked or taught here recently or in the past. Women III started with Anya Triestram followed by Larissa Leverenz, Henriette Leinfellner and Eva Hradil.

Two original prints by Karin Pliem and Desislava Unger concluded the women III collection.

Unit price EUR 390 (incl. 20% VAT)

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The women II series

Six noteworthy female Austrian artists have each produced an original print for the women II collection. Women II comprises six exceptional original images: one woodcut, two screen prints and three etchings. Each image is limited to an edition size of just 33 pieces. Each print comes in a 40 cm x 50 cm or 50 cm x 40 cm format and is signed, dated and numbered by hand. Available in our online shop: individually or as the whole series. We provide free and secure delivery to your door.

Available in our Online-Shop: individually, as a complete series. We provide free and secure door-to-door delivery.

Unit price EUR 390 (incl. 20% VAT)

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The women I series

Six female artists, six works of art: women I is the first series from art in print. Six renowned female Austrian artists have each created an original print for art in print. The women I series comprises six exceptional original prints: two lithographs, two screen prints and two etchings.

Available in our Online-Shop: individually, as a complete edition or as a subscription. We provide free and secure door-to-door delivery.

Unit price EUR 390 (incl. 20% VAT)

Beyond print

With beyond print, we are opening up a new space on the website where we can showcase more of the female artists that we love so much. In addition to the original artworks that have featured on art in print up to now, in future we will also be displaying originals from “our” artists. We will successively open up new spaces that will allow you to gain further insight into each piece. You can view the original print that the artists have developed for the art in print editions alongside their other works of art. We’re delighted when our work with original prints pays off and you decide to purchase a one-off piece. We have started our Beyond Print series with works by Andrea Bischof.

art in print is two! To celebrate our second birthday, we gave ourselves the gift of a video by Eva Hradil. Viennese artist Eva Hradil put together a cinematic profile of our passion project art in print.

Printing is Craftsmanship

Printing is complex craftsmanship. It can take weeks before the printer and the artist are happy with the result. Our original prints are created exclusively using traditional printing techniques, mainly lithography, etching, woodcutting and screen printing. Printing requires extensive technical knowledge. And artistic flair. The quality of the print depends solely on the quality of the printing. That’s why only the country’s best master-printers are right for art in print.

Experience printing live

Do you want to learn more about what actually happens in a printing workshop? Do you want to know how many individual steps were involved in bringing an original print to your living room? We go live during printing in the workshop and document the process with videos and photos. You will find interesting facts and in-depth videos on topics related to printing in our blog.

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