Anya Triestram

Lilla, 2019

Anya Triestram
(born 1977 in Eichsfeld, Germany)

Lilla, 2019, for the art in print series women III

Linocut in 5 colours on Hahnemühle 300 g paper, printed by Anya Triestram, Leipzig

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP

Signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist

50 x 40 cm

Anya Triestram

1977 // born in Eichsfeld (Germany) – lives and works in Vienna and Leipzig
1995–2002 // Degree course in Art and German, University of Erfurt
2002–2007 // Degree course specialising in Graphics, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig under Prof. Karl-Georg Hirsch, Prof. Rolf Münzner and Prof. Ulrich Hachulla, Degree
2008–2011// Masterstudent under Prof. Annette Schröter
2011–2015 // freelancer in Leipzig
2015–present// Senior Artist at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna (Austria), artistic and technical lead for woodcuts and linocuts

About the artist

In her pieces, Anya Triestram plays with abstraction, figuration and repetition. Through multiple reflections of a section, a landscape becomes an embellishment.

The linocut “Lilla” is printed in five colours and is reminiscent of a different time.

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