Jelena Sredanović

Purple Reflections, 2018


Jelena Sredanović

(born 1982 in Novi Sad, Serbia)

Purple Reflections, 2018, for the art in print series women II

Woodcut from 3 plates, printed on Somerset Satin White paper 300 g, printed by the artist

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP

Signed, dated, numbered and titled by the artist

40 x 50 cm

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Jelena Sredanović

1982 // born in Novi Sad, lives and works in Novi Sad
2009 // Master’s degree at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
2016 // PhD at the University of Arts in Belgrade

Numerous art awards

1995 // Römerquelle Art Award

1999 // Strabag Art Award

2009 // Walter Koschatzky Kunstpreis (2. Platz)

2010 // Grafički kolektiv Award

Exhibitions both national and abroad

„Water surface – an infinite source of shapes, layer on which patterns of light, shade and color form continuously moving pictures were source of inspiration for the artwork Purple reflections. For this artwork I choose a scene which I captured during my walks fascinated with how those shapes don’t repeat a single shape, shade and arrangement. Using transparent colors and woodcut, one of the oldest and noblest printmaking techniques, I transpose this experienced scene into subtly graduated woodcut aiming to achieve ephemeral delicacy matter. In my artwork I try to create a harmonious scenes in which converge a number of ambivalence: micro / macro landscape, seen objectivity / subjectivity experienced, longetivity / transience, uniform and similar / different and unique, and so on.”

Jelena Sredanovic, 2018


About the artist


Jelena Sredanović, born in Novi Sad in Serbia in 1982, studied at the local Academy of Arts. Today, she is a research assistant and PhD student at the University of Arts in Belgrade and a member of the artists of Vojvodina.

The traditional woodcut is the artist’s preferred medium. Her work swings between abstraction and objectivity. In many series of pieces, she deals with reflections on the surface of water. The sky, clouds and trees are reflected in moving surfaces of water, reflections of incidental light deceive the eye with their complicated formations. She occasionally prints her extremely complex woodcuts in two, three, four colours onto delicate washi paper in sizes up to 70 x 100 cm, always in landscape format. In her woodcuts, she immortalises fragments of moments, captures rippling water, a special slice of incidental light or an unexpected colouring for eternity. As a consequence, she is also fascinated by the impermanence of cloud images. In her more recent series of works, she combines woodcuts with digital printing.

Sredanović is an absolute master of these printing techniques that occupy a very special place in the world of graphics, and are only rarely so formidably mastered. Her woodcuts have been shown at numerous solo and group exhibitions around the world and have received many awards.

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