Gerlinde Thuma

aeolus, 2018

Gerlinde Thuma
(born 1962 in Vienna)

aeolus, 2018, for the art in print series women I

Screenprint in four colours, printed on Fabriano White Cotton by Robert Svoboda, art & print, Vienna

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP + 1 PP

Signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist

Image size : 20 x 37,6 cm
Paper size : 40 x 50 cm.

Gerlinde Thuma

1962 // born in Vienna
1981–1988 // Degree course at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna
1991 // Sponsorship Prize from the State of Lower Austria
1997// Bauholding Art Sponsorship Prize
1998 // State Scholarship for Fine Art
2010// Award from the Vienna Postal Savings Bank at the Vienna Künstlerhaus

Selection of exhibitions

2018 // „… was blieb von Arkadien” Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt
„SW oder grau“ Noedok, St. Pölten
„Spuren von Wasser“ DHLU Zagreb, Wasserturm Wien
2017 // „zwischen den Orten“ Halterhaus NOEDOK
2017/18 // Kunstraum Nestroyhof Vienna, as part of the project
2017 // Budapest Galéria, Budapest

Everything is an effort to capture the dimension of time – to broach the issue of the range and the tension between two points in time by means of a tangible object, to place circumstances in relation to one another, to formulate relationships. To translate temporality into language and material in the wake of the self and the medium of repetition.

The vertical division of the two image formats is the axis point at which the moment of movement that goes from consecutive to motionless is halted and epitomised.

In terms of content, it deals with the depiction of an idea in concentration and in resolution, the repeated depiction of an object in a spatial or temporal shift – instability or crystalisation – often using the colour white, which disguises, filters or brightens.

One and the same idea or belief is readdressed after completion, after a specific interim period in order to then piece together a pair of images. – As a result of the passage of time, two individual images are picked out, similar to individual frames of film that have been cut out from the beginning and from a later point.

Gerlinde Thuma, 2018

About the artist

Space, time and movement are the artistic guidelines of Gerlinde Thuma who, having attended Kunstschule Herbststrasse in Vienna, was accepted into Maria Lassnig’s masterclass at the University of Applied Arts in 1980. That’s where she became more interested in animation and the frames from moving images than the strong oil colours of her teacher, and it’s what Thuma continues to use to this day. She draws predominantly on earthy tones.

In the 1990s, Thuma became known for series of works and pairs of images. Through further development, serial picturesque and graphic works have been created. In her text for the artist’s major exhibition at the Nestroyhof in Vienna, Brigitte Borchert-Birbaumer said: That fits with Gerlinde Thuma’s tentative graphic concept of nature, who has also publicly exhibited environments and land art projects in addition to her work on her own handmade paper and canvases. […] Thuma allows nature to contribute in its light and dark contrasts, often with allusions to plants, figures and continents, as tracks or structures of the earth, humus, even directly, for example in her work where she laid grasses on the canvas and sprayed colour over it. After taking away the stalks, white shadows are immortalised on the canvas as a messenger. The aeolus screen print was created using the same principle.

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