Georgia Creimer

Biom (gelb), 2018

Georgia Creimer
(born 1964 in Sao Paolo, Brazil)

Biom (gelb), 2018 for the art in print series women I

Screen print (Serigraph) in four colours, printed on Rives Bütten by  Andreas Stalzer, Forum Limbach, Burgenland

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP + 3 PP

Signed, dated, numbered and titled by the artist, embossed stamp Andreas Stalzer

50 x 40 cm

Georgia Creimer

1964 // born in Sao Paolo
1981–1985 // Art degree at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo
1986–present // Lives and works in Vienna
2005 // – “Hands on Tables” (winning project) Winzer Krems vineyard, Krems
2009// – “On Stones” (winning project) new University and State Library in Innsbruck
2012// “Eine Wohnen” and “Intimate Space” – (winning projects) 3rd Olympic Village in Innsbruck

Exhibitions (selection)

2017// , “Incorporado” within “wir zeigen”, Semperdepot, Vienna
2016// “Liquid Morph”, with Thomas Reinhold, Art Room Würth Austria, Böheimkirchen
2015// “Unframed”, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna , with Ernst Caramelle, Isa Melsheimer, Christiane Reiter, Heimo Zobernig, Siggi Hofer, Michael Kienzer, Olaf Nicolai

I see myself as an artist, as someone who practises art. Making a piece of art is an exercise, and through intensively practising art, I gain a sensitivity to things, people, nature, the world, and I trust in this sensitivity and give it structure. My creative process is empirical: I learn from my experiences. For me, making art is a form of life science. When I work, I try to leave as much room as possible for the unconscious. I want to surprise myself as well as learning from what I make.
It would be naïve to want to try and commit art to a particular direction or to allocate a meaning or a message to it, as the moment art comes in contact with the observer, it is entirely free and evades any possible control. And that’s what makes it something bigger and more complex. Georgia Creimer 2018

About the artist

Georgia Creimer grew up in Brazil in a family with European roots. After studying art in São Paulo and having a first solo exhibition, she moved to Austria at the age of 23. Georgia Creimer takes a number of different approaches in terms of techniques and media, working with photography, installations, objects and sculpture, drawings and paintings in equal measure.
The concept of the biome comes from the life sciences. Creimer’s biomes are extremely minimal, organic shapes that she transfers to canvases primed with gesso using the hardest pencil available. The artist has been dealing with biomes on an ongoing basis since 2004. The basis of the biomes are “half-blind” drawings that the artist creates by drawing lines on a piece of paper with her eyes closed. From the resulting graphic webs, shapes are chosen using an intuitive process and later partially edited on the computer, then used as a template for larger pieces. These drawings are half left to chance, and half appear to be the direct result of an unconscious state. (Patricia Grzonka in georgia creimer incorporado, 2017) The biomes allow the creation of images of proliferating untamed plant or organic natural beings. “When I was a child, I was exposed to a lot of tropical, explosive nature, even in the large city of São Paulo. Nature in those parts of the world is enormous, virtually untameable and not at all ‘maintained’,” says Creimer. The template for the work Biom (gelb) is a drawing on paper using mixed techniques from the now extensive Biome series. Biom (gelb) is the first screen print by the artist. The particular challenge for the printer was to render the subtle pencil drawing in print. This was achieved perfectly through the use of unusually fine screens and following numerous test prints.

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