Edition women II

Women II are: Helga Cmelka, Michela Ghisetti, Margit Hartnagel, Barbara Höller, Alina Kunitsyna and Jelena Sredanović. For our second series, we once again invited six female artists who currently live, work or study in Vienna, or have done in the past, to each create an original print. Our first three series women I, II and III came about almost by themselves. When we first started art in print, we planned only the first series: we wanted to start off by focusing on female artists of our generation. However, while working on women I, we discovered so many incredible artists that we weren’t able to include that we decided to provisionally work on three “women” series. Women III was released in autumn 2019. The series makes no claims of being complete and is a very personal selection by the publishers.

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