Birgit Zinner

Warten auf Freunde, 2020

Birgit Zinner
(born 1963 in Steyr)

Warten auf Freunde, 2020, for the art in print series Small is Beautiful

Screen print in three colours on Fabriano Cotton 300 g,
printed by Robert Svoboda, art & print, Vienna – Burgenland

Edition  of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP + 1 PP

Signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist

21 x 21 cm

Birgit Zinner

1963 // born in Steyr
1983–1990// University for Applied Arts in Vienna
1990 // tapestry, painting and graphic art
1990 // Diploma (Masterclass Ernst Caramelle)
1992 // Cologne scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Art
1993 // Talent Sponsorship Prize from the State of Upper Austria

1990–present // numerous exhibitions in Austria and abroad

“It has been a great joy to have the opportunity after many years to use screen printing for the realisation of the Warten auf Freunde print. I found the technique very accommodating: the immediacy of cutting the design, the precision of applying the layers positioned one behind the other, the layered application of colour using translucent colour combinations, the small shifts and releases that are so important as tiny bridges in my work.

The titles of my pieces occupy as much space linguistically as they do artistically. They should serve to make dating the work easier, as well as acting as additional messages between me and the observer.”

Birgit Zinner, 2020

About the artist

“The paintings by Birgit Zinner […] are emphatically defined by constructivist complexity of colour and shape; for them, the notion of ‘expanded’ painting is applicable. In the field of tension of graphical colour sculptures and painting, related to the methods of the principle of collaging, abstract and narrative images with pronounced serial character emerge. In a conceptual way, the principle of creative chance is expanded to include the musical theme of the variation in shape of architectural construction.”

Carl Aigner
in: „Mostviertel, Aus der Mitte heraus“ S. 112, 2007

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