Barbara Höller

Selfie, 2018


Barbara Höller
(born 1959 in Vienna)

Selfie, 2018,  for the Edition women II  by art in print

Etching from 2 Plates printed on Zerkall Bütten 250g by Renata Darabant, Druckwerk Wien, Vienna

Edition of 33 + 5 AP + 2 EP + 2 PP

Signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist

Paper size :50 x 40 cm
Plate size : 40 x 31,5 cm

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Barbara Höller

1959 // born in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna and Hungary

Degree course at the University of Applied Arts and the University of Vienna (Mathematics).

Numerous prizes and grants.

Participation in various artist projects and collaborations and curatorial projects

2016–present – management of the sehsaal exhibition space in Vienna.

Solo and group exhibitions in Austria and abroad

“In my works, I try to create conceptual systems in which central artistic principles (e.g. materiality, units of measure, dimensions) can be united with questions of human existence. The link is represented by mathematical and physical facts. The clear sets of rules of natural sciences are applied in order to represent reality through abstract shapes and systems of relations.”

Barbara Höller, 2017

About the artist

“Höller designs experimental arrangements that appear as artistic pieces with an experimental character in various groups of work. With awareness of the materials used, and even though she specifies the scope of the experiment when she starts, Höller entrusts the final formulation of the artistic work to an unpredictable and unalterable process that appears to become independent through the use of various tools and materials. But the end result of her experimentation isn’t just influenced by the behaviour of the materials, it is also sometimes defined by the stories of the recipients in an exhibition context. The sparse use of techniques and colour that can be recognised in the pieces serves to enhance the expression of the analytical approach. However, in the formulation of her works, Höller does not forgo a moment of playfulness, which aids the aesthetic expression of the pieces to achieve that blurriness so that they aren’t understood as final and universal answers to the questions posed.”

Anja Werkl, 2016, from the catalogue, Vienna, self-published

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