Andrea Bischof

Loop, 2017

Andrea Bischof
(born 1963 in Schwaz in Tyrol)

loop, 2017 , for the art in print series women I 

Lithograph in three colours, printed on Magnani Incisioni by Rudi Hörschlager, Druckwerkstatt Uferstöckl, Wallsee / Lower Austria

Edition of 33 + 10 AP + 2 EP + 2 PP

Signed, dated, titled and numbered by the artist

50 x 40 cm

Andrea Bischof

1963 // born in Schwaz in Tyrol – lives in Vienna and in Schwaz in Tyrol
1982-1988 // Degree course at the „Mozarteum“ University, Salzburg
1989–present // exhibitions in Austria and abroad
1995 // Römerquelle Art Award
1999 // Strabag Art Award

“I love getting to grips with colours, giving them meaning and showing their complexity. I love the freedom of colour. I use it to create new realities.”

Andrea Bischof 2018


About the artist

Andrea Bischof is one of the biggest advocates for informal painting in Austria, according to the current director of the Old Masters Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister) in Dresden, Stephan Koja.* For painter Andrea Bischof, colour is the ultimate medium. Her often large format oil paintings are the result of a cautious process that develops over a number of weeks, at the end of which a real cosmos of colour emerges. The artist builds up her images using multiple harmonious multicoloured layers that originate from a mostly dark grounding. Layer by layer, until she reaches the finely tuned surface. Bischof’s images are a moving colour experience in which the painter does not indulge herself in the superficial meaning of colour, but instead takes a clear and conceptual approach. Bischof’s artworks have always captivated through the relationship between the surface and the depths, between the skin and the foundation. Andrea Bischof uses traditional oil techniques. She loves this medium, bringing the coloured form into the light, as it were. She looks for connections between colours, orchestrates their interplay and looks for ways in which to intensify it. Andrea Bischof is a consistent worker, starting work early in the morning in her spacious studio in the second district of Vienna, and ending the working day with (self-)critique so she can carry on working the next morning with purpose. Like many artists, she works on several pieces at the same time and develops them over several weeks. “By slowly developing the images, painting becomes a cognitive process for Bischof. It’s about recognising the laws of harmony on the path to achieving increased receptiveness of the intensity of colour. Ultimately, Bischof is looking for a beauty that occupies the depths. Not the beauty that sits on the surface and ends up remaining hollow and only leads to disappointment, but beauty that refers to much bigger things […].”

Stepahn Koja (Hg.) Andrea Bischof. Color Truth, 2016 Hirmer Verlag.

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